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Does Your Business Need Responsive Design?

Responsive Design is becoming increasingly important to businesses looking to capitalize on mobile and tablet web browsers. Most new websites are utilizing responsive design to cater to users who browse the internet through their phone. While this ability to attract mobile users with responsive design is available, is it the best solution for your business?

In this article we will investigate the advantages and drawbacks of responsive design so you can make an informed decision on choosing to change your website into responsive design.

What exactly is a responsive design?

A responsive website design uses a fluid layout, which means that the proportions on a website will automatically adjust depending on the platform that the website is viewed on. This mean you will be able to control how your content is viewed and presented, even if the user is viewing the website from a mobile or tablet device. This can be incredibly beneficial to visitors, but only if executed properly.

What is advantageous about a responsive design?

A responsive design is great for web browsers in the mobile market. It dramatically improves the user experience for customers who use their phone to browse your website. If you feel that mobile users are important to your business, you could benefit from a responsive website design.

If your website does not utilize a responsive design, the page may not be displayed correctly on a non-desktop screen size. This can confuse site visitors, and quite frequently they will simply leave your website.

It should be a primary goal of your website to allow visitors to have the best experience possible with your website. This could mean giving them a display option that allows them to experience the website to its fullest extent, even though they are not browsing from a desktop.

The mobile market will continue to become more important in the future. If a significant portion of your customers browse your website by mobile device, it would probably be wise to upgrade your website to a responsive design soon.

What are the drawbacks of responsive design?

Even though the internet is trending toward more mobile usage, it can be difficult to weigh the decision as to convert your website into a responsive layout. One main disadvantage of a responsive design can be the budget, since a responsive design's costs are mainly front-loaded.

With a small budget for a website, choosing a responsive design can be a difficult decision. However, if you want to impress your mobile users, a responsive design can prove to be a worthy investment.

Another potential drawback of a responsive website layout could be that a user who is accustomed to seeing the desktop layout could become confused when they see the mobile version of the website. This confusion could cause them to leave the website due to a change they are not used to seeing.

Overall, responsive website layout will help ensure that your website reaches its goal of being accessible by mobile users. However, make sure you take into account the drawbacks of a responsive design when making your decision.

I hope this article has been helpful in showing both sides to the debate on responsive website decision. Keep in mind that a responsive website design can improve the website experience for mobile customers, but always remember to keep your budget and abilities in mind before choosing your website design.

If you are interested in learning more about certain design options, please contact our website design Webinfozone team today.

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