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Behind every successful business is an effective online presence. In order to sustain it, it is highly recommended that businesses have all their diversified information at one place. This makes it easier for visitors, who want to gather relevant information quickly. Establishing a good web portal design is also a good way of getting your products and services noticed.

A good web portal design will use the users' history and profile information to help them in navigating the web. Popular web portals are giants like AOL, Google and Yahoo!. These portals will let you log in, chat, check emails, and check other personalized information without having to log out or leave the portal.

Along with the above mentioned portals that are personal and are meant to be used on personal computers, phones, hand held devices, etc, there are other kinds of portal designs that are meant for corporate purposes. A corporate web portal design will provide similar kind of services, but within the limitations of a corporate website. These web portals are designed to integrate the needs of an employee or user and make the information easily accessible. For example, if an employee wants to access customer data, emails, warehouse information and emeetings, these requirements can be met by using a corporate web portal design. This way, an employee can log in once and have access to the information they require and limited access to the information they don't need. These web portals can link to vendors that the employee might need either to improve their services or for any other business purpose.

Corporate Web Portals for Customers

Similar kind of web portal design can also be used by customers. A good example of this is A customer can log on to the portal and access their personal information. They can also view their history, which further leads up to products based on their purchase history. They can also buy products that link to similar products, while using their usual account for purchases and shipping.

A corporate web portal design works for customers as well as employees. Not only does it provide ease of transactions, but also makes easier inventory keeping, as everything can be tracked into one system. Easier a web transaction is, simpler will be the work transactions, leading to content employees who are more likely to return.
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